Thursday, May 19, 2011

Soap dispenser

Today I finally did my project that I have been waiting on...I have to give all the credit to

I found this project several months ago and have been dying to make it! It was still cold here and windy and because I would be using spray paint I had to wait...and wait...So here it is:

Photo 1: The picture that I forgot to take when I started...This is what I started with...Just a regular bottle of Dawn Dishwashing detergent...The foaming kind...I must mention that I got it for .99 with a coupon...

Photo 2:  I took the bottle apart...Poured out the detergent..

Photo 3: Goo Gone...One of the best products ever made...When peeling off the label this comes in handy...It will remove all of the sticky...They sell this at my local Dollar Tree!!

Photo 4:  This is the fun part...I LOVE spray paint....The small pieces have to sit on something in order to get paint on all sides...Plus it keeps from getting stuck to the table...I used a bronze paint that I already had...It has to be for plastic...I used Rustoleum...Krylon makes it too and I like the nozel on it better...Is that what you call it? Where the paint comes out...It has a spring in it and sprays evenly...I thought about black but almost everything in my kitchen is black...And since I already had it makes it better...

Photo 5: Here it is...I am done with the painting...I couldn't wait to post!! I wanted to wait til I got my initial on it before I posted it but I'm like a little kid at Christmas...

I will be out and about looking for that initial tomorrow....Maybe the hubby will see this post...They make this little machine that pops various vinyl objects and letters out of it...It would be so perfect for all my craft projects....Here is a link

or here is

Peace, Love, &  Joy

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Handkerchiefgal said...

Great idea! Would have never thought of it!