Tuesday, June 28, 2011

New Recipe

i found the neatest recipe on pinterest that i was dying to try! this is a pictorial so just follow along...
1st: cut up a hot dog
2nd: stick spaghetti through the hot dog
3rd: cook
4th: drain...

well this had mixed reviews...LOL...the 3 year old didn't like it...she loves hot dogs so i thought this would be a hit with her...turns out that the noodles were not cooked all the way in the middle of the hot dog!! the 9 year old liked hers...i may or may not make this again...if i do i will certainly use thin spaghetti to make sure that it cooks through...

Peace, Love, & Joy

Sunday, June 26, 2011

Sneak Peak

i've been working a little on my new piece...we have been getting rain showers and wind almost everyday so its hard to work outside...here is a little preview of what i've done...got a few coats of stain on the top...

a little bit of primer...

its hard to see in the picture but it already looks better...i sanded the top with my brand new sander that i got at lowes!! excited about that...my other one that i had was powered by air...for some reason it wouldn't hold air anymore and it was not meant to be used with the compressor i have...it was pretty old anyway...i bought an electric one this time...i won't have to worry about dragging that compressor out when i want to work...for those of you that do not know, dollar tree sells sand paper in a pack of 12...i can get 4 pieces out of 1 sheet...a pack of a few pieces at lowes was around $4.50...rain is headed our way as i write this...maybe tomorrow i can work on this


oh , yes! i have found my new favorite website.... PINTEREST!!!

please join me in my new adventures pinning...if you would like to see what i'm interested in  click here ...i think you will like what you find!!

Peace, Love, & Joy

Friday, June 17, 2011

New Project

i picked up this vanity...is that what it's called? got it from the goodwill..it was $25 and i was super excited about it...not many places around here to get free or $4 furniture like i see others post...i decided to post it before i start working on it...its for my daughters room and i would love to paint it hot pink with clear knobs! not 100% yet though...any comments would be greatly appreciated....

its in good condition except for some light circles on top...looks like from a glass but i'm sure i can sand it out...to me its worth what i paid for it...

Peace, Love, & Joy

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Swing & Old Stool....

take pics before you start...take pics before you start...take pics before you start...i think i need to write that about 500 more times...i CAN NOT remember to do that!! anyway, i came across this little swing in my parents barn...someone had given it to my dad a while back thinking he had a small grandchild...the small 9 year old won't fit in it...i have a special someone that is about 6 months old that is gonna love this!! i can't wait to put him in it....

this is the back of the swing...since i forgot the before pics...this is what the wood looked like before i stained it...

almost done with the front
here it is drying...i used the color chestnut...only because i already had the stain on hand...i don't think this would be my 1st choice...the project cost me nothing...and i'm pretty happy about that!!
while i was working i decided to spray this old stool that was light blue and very ugly...i thought i would have enough spray paint but i ran out before i got finished...at least it looks better...i would much rather have one of the folding ones that i could keep stored...like how i throw little subtle hints in here and there...lol
so thats it for me today...not very exciting but both things needed to be done...bigger and better things to come....i have a list a mile long and home depot is calling my name.....

Peace, Love, & Joy

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Dresser to Buffet

since i've only been blogging for a short time, i don't have a lot of pics of my projects...i get so excited that i forget to take a pic of each step...i'm trying to do better though! this project was so fun for me and its from a while back so not many pics...

we have a local facebook page in my town that is a swap shop...people list items for sale or trade or even freebies...i came across this dresser for $60...i ended up paying $40 for it but had to drag it out of an attic...the hubby wasn't too excited about that...its very heavy!

here it is the day i got it...it was a light yellow...
the 1st thing i did was to take off the hardware...i then started sanding...i have a compressor so i used a handheld sander...

this pic shows the 1st coats of paint...i kilzed 1st....i used a brush for this project...you can't see any brush marks on it...i really took my time because this was my first really nice vintage piece....i had some silver chrome paint left from an old project so i decided to spray paint the handles...wasn't sure if i liked the look but no cost to use what i already had...i might update them with some more modern ones later...right now i love the ones that are on there...

here is the end result! i'm in love with it...my family laughed when i got it...i think they like it a little better now....i'm still working on my dining room...hopefully soon i will be able to post a better picture....i'm working on improving my picture quality...if i can not be so excited and pick up a camera instead of my cell phone...LOL
i would really like to distress it but i haven't got to that point yet...now...on the the next project :)

Peace, Love, & Joy

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Friday, June 3, 2011

Laundry Detergent

yeah yeah, another post that everybody is doing...i saw this about 6 months ago...i read about it over and over...it has such mixed reviews....people either love it or hate it basically...since i love saving money, it was something that i wanted to try....

1st...grate a bar of zote soap...very fine...i let mine dry for a couple of days after it's grated....after it dries out some put it in food processor...makes it easier to mix and melt in washer

2nd...measure out 1 cup of borax washing detergent

3rd...measure out 1 cup of washing soda..not baking soda

4th...measure out 1/4 cup of oxi clean powder

5th...1 cup of purex crystals...i put this in my food processor to make it finer....

mix everything together...i use between 1 tablespoon to 2 tablespoons per load....not sure how great it is cleaning....things don't stink when they come out...i never have used tide or any of the expensive detergents so i can't compare with those...i always buy detergent when it goes on sale and when i have a coupon....i have even bought the detergent from the dollar tree...they have some that does 32 loads...so basically comparing to what i have used in the past, it works just as good...i also have very hard water so my whites aren't always true white...i do wash them separately though so they aren't that dingy....i don't use bleach either....i have a front loader HE washer and this works fine in it...no residue left on clothes either....i can not remember how much the borax or arm & hammer was...the zote was .99 and the purex was around $1 - $2 with a coupon....

here is my not so fancy detergent jar from walmart...i keep fabric sheets in the other one
i must mention, we have 6 people here...i do alot of washing....so if i saved anything i'm doing good...for now i'll keep using it...will see how it goes...

EDIT: I did not care for this recipe...even with putting the purex in it, i did not not feel like my clothes smelled fresh....please look at my newest post on another recipe...it works way better in my opinion

Peace, Love, & Joy

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Mail Call!

i think this is a post thats worth posting! i got some great mail today...

* - $10 visa card from box tops for education...
* - a coupon for a free natural instinct hair color...
* - 2 free coupons from oscar meyer and kraft...1 for a sandwich combo and the other for a deli fresh combo...
* - 1 free cottonelle fresh wipes....

woo hoo! i'm excited...