Monday, September 26, 2011

New Laundry Soap Recipe

for those of you that follow me, you might have read that i make my own laundry detergent...i've tried several different ones and after months of making it, i finally found one that i really like....everything that you read here is my own personal opinion and i'm not getting paid to write this...LOL

while searching on Pinterest, you can also follow me here by clicking on the link, i found this is from Being Creative To Keep My Sanity , and you can click on the link to take you to her far i'm really liking this one...i almost gave up on doing the homemade thing...i think having the right ratio is key here....i have really hard water that leaves horrible deposits on my tubs and sinks...i read that plays a big part in getting the right mix...i wasn't happy with the previous ones because they just didn't seem to be cleaning...i knew that you could have a positive experience based on what others said...i did a sniff test on each load i did today and they don't have a stinch that the other detergent recipes seemed to, on to the recipe....

so what is in this recipe?
1- 4 lb box Borax
1- 4 lb box Arm & Hammer Baking Soda
1- 4lb box Arm & Hammer Washing Soda
3 bars of Fels-naptha soap
2 small containers of oxyclean or store brand oxyclean
Use 1 to 2 Tablespoons per load

i did change one thing here...i used 2 bars of zote instead of the fels naptha...the zote soap bars are larger than the fels...i've never used fels naptha but i heard its basically the same type of soap and people have good results with it...they are both a mexican type laundry soap...

how do you make it?
the first thing you need to do is to shred your zote soap....a hand grater is great to shred the want it to look like grated cheese when you are done....after the soap is shredded, lay it out on a cookie sheet to dry out...i promise it makes it easier in the end....for those that can't find washing soda, i read that you can bake baking soda and it will have a chemical reaction and turn into washing soda....i did this...baked about 45 minutes on did feel different when i took it out....its safe to bake because it only gives off carbon dioxide which is ok since its not a large amount...i still ran my vent above the stove since i'm funny about stuff like didn't kill me...LOL....also, i read that it can be put in microwave for 10 made mine quit so i had to resort to the oven method...after the zote is good and dry you need to put it in a food might want to let this dry for a few days...don't wait til you run out of soap to start making this...people do, but like i said, its way easier if its dry....i have a ninja so it chops up super fine....for those that don't have a processor, its ok...just take your hands and mash it up...will be fine if its not too small...i've never had a problem with it melting and i hardly ever use hot, just mix everything together...its easy and so worth trying....

the following things i'm listing are tips that are good to follow for those who never made this before:
*a few weeks before you shred your soap, open it and leave it sitting helps the soap to dry out so its easier to work with....i chopped mine up with a knife and just left it in a bowl sitting on my dryer....everyday i stirred it up so it would dry evenly.....
*its a good idea to do all of your mixing outside...even putting it in the food processor...the zote soap produces a horrible dust when you put it in the made me sneeze alot...or at least wear some type of mask...
*the best way to mix this is in a bucket....i used an old chlorine bucket that i washed out...i would say it is about half the size of an orange home depot bucket....
*i use this to clean other things too...carpet, dirty shoes, soaking stained clothes in sink...
*i use 1/8 cup (2 Tablespoons)seems like it would not be enough? read on your laundry containers of how much you are actually supposed to use...alot of us are really over using in this department....i can bet my kids do when they wash
*i have a front loader HE washer and i add it into the wash before i start the load...i have used in in the soap dispenser but i think it works better by adding it first, directly in with the clothes...

how much does it cost to make?
this is about what it will cost to make:
prices are estimated based on which store you go to
borax- $3.79
washing soda- $3.59
baking soda- $2.21
zote- .89 to $1.19
oxyclean- $1.00 at dollar tree (i don't have a prb using off brand)
this makes about 15lbs of 2 Tablespoons a load...thats a lot

how long will it last?
according to other sites, a family of 4 can use this for about 9 months...i'm not sure really...we have six people and i do ALOT of laundry....i surely will update when i'm near the end of the bucket....

does this leave residue on the clothes or cause fading?
alot of people have expressed concern over this...i wash about 99.9% of my clothes in cold water...i've never had anything left on the clothes....not even on black and we have a lot of black clothes...i've never noticed any fading...

does this detergent make whites dingy?
this is a hard question for me to answer....there have been reports of yes and no...i have hard water and over the years i've noticed that my towels are not as white....i only wash whites with whites and colors with colors....i have a well so i'm sure that plays a part on how detergents work...on the back of the borax box it says its for hard water....

how does this compare to brands like tide and gain?
i've never used tide...i just couldn't see myself paying that much since i'm so cheap thrifty...i have to say that gain is my favorite detergent of all times...i also think its a little pricey, but it SMELLS so good!! the homemade detergent does not have the scent that pricey detergents in my opinion, with the clothes that i wash, i think that it cleans as well as gain...also, you can buy gain scented essential oil online...the oil can be added into the baking soda....your out of pocket cost will much as i would like the awesome scent, i will stick to my frugalness and not use it...

is it safe for a HE machine?
totally safe....even the borax box says its HE safe...never had one issue with it...

my soap jar and fabric softner sheets...if someone will teach me how to use this silhouette machine, i can put some fancy smancy vinyl on it!!!

thanks for taking the time to read about my adventures in making laundry detergent...its not for everybody...people rely on convenience...isn't it so much easier just to run in the grocery store and grab a jug of detergent??...for some of us, we rely on price...some of us enjoy making stuff too!!

Peace, Love, & Joy

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Friday, September 9, 2011

Dresser Before and After

yesterday i picked up a dresser and night stand for a measly $25...very excited about that! i've been wanting something this style and i just couldn't pass it up...

here is the was missing several of the knobs...i had a brilliant idea to use the ones on the nightstand but it didn't have any! so off to home depot to find the cheapest ones i could find...i chose a small plastic one to use on the top 2 drawers...a can of rustoleum orb to paint them with...
here are the knobs...ignore my fire pit!! i already ruined my stone wall by my pool with spray paint...i had to move on to another area...i love this paint btw! 

here is another before shot with the drawers out....

my husband wanted me to stain the top cherry to match the rest of our entertainment center....i knew i couldn't but i wanted to try....this wasn't laminate but it wasn't wood...fake wood?? i had tried this on another piece and after the stain and some wax it worked out ok...but this piece i wanted to look good so i worked to get the water marks out...i had to sand way down...i then primed with kilz and painted black with 2 different types of was gloss and the other was matte...i didn't have enough of each so i just mixed them together....worked out fine...

as i was putting the stain on, this appeared on the side...there had been a sticker on here and when the stain hit it, the image came through....i debated wether or not to fix it since it wouldn't show where we were placing it...i thought, what if i want to sell this?? i can't leave that there! i took some primer and went over it...afterwards i wiped some stain over it and it was gone...

finished....the top is still wet as you can see in the pic...i just get so excited i can't wait!! i read on another blog, but i can't remember which one, that they used a plastic table cloth to paint on...i found this for $1.50 at walmart on worked perfect!

another table cloth...LOL

before and after

Peace, Love, & Joy

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Friday, September 2, 2011

A Post About Me And My Blog/ Business Venture

today i got an email from erin over at Home Savvy A to Z  about a link party that she was had to do with building a facebook page and i decided i would write a little bit about why i started my blog, facebook page, business venture, etc...

first of all let me explain how i got the name for my venture! my last name is lovejoy (thanks jeff ;) i wanted to incorporate that into my business so people could put 2 +2 all started on a piece of scratch paper....this stuff is important!! you want a name that lasts, thats catchy, something people can remember and relate to....i have to say though, not everything i have created is love and joy...sometimes theres a little hatred in there....LOL....i'm not always "in love" with my project while its getting the best of me...

i've been painting furniture and other things for as long as i can remember...i bought my 1st house way back in 1994 and thats when the painting began...i was young then...i didn't have a clue about decorating but i knew that wood paneling was not the look for me...thats when i first started painting walls and trim...(antique white....woo hoo...)most people can do that...since then i can't even count how many times i've changed the colors in my present home...

i currently live in my childhood parents bought a house that was built in 1864 and offered this one to me, rent could i pass that up? thats when i sold my little house and moved here...this house was built in 1973...we moved into it when i was about 2 years old from a single wide trailer...coming back here was very comfortable since i had spent the majority of my life was my mothers style though...things were not very modern...we still have alot of things to do but its a slow process...i'm getting alot of practice with painting and decorating here...i'm still cleaning out my moms junk in the attic that she left almost 14 years ago!!

fast forward to about february of this year...i saw an advertisement on a local facebook page that we have here in my was for a french provincial dresser...i was instantly in love...i picked it up for $40 dollars...i had longed for a buffet in my dining room...i've never had a hutch, buffet, or china cabinet since i've been on my own...i did tons of research on how to paint furniture the right way, not the ashley way....i realized that the top of the dresser was not wood, it was i prepared it and started i have a nice piece of furniture that people comment on all the time...finally a buffet that i never had....

this really got me to thinking...for almost 15 years i was in a career that i didn't really care for...i hated going to work...i had to work holidays....the worse part is that i missed out on so many of the things that my kids were doing...on top of that i was throwing $135 a week down the drain for daycare of my youngest ones..

i've always heard people say that you should do things that you like to do...i've come to the conclusion that this is where i want to be...i love transforming furniture or junk as my family calls no expert, thats for sure...i know i have the ability to learn and i can see improvements in my own work since that buffet project....i have big things planned for myself...i have already been approached about doing some furniture painting  by several different people...also, i have been asked to work in a shop in my local town painting furniture with my own clients provided for me....all of this is in the works right dream is slowly becoming a reality....

i want to say thank you to everyone that has put up with me and supported family mostly, for having to endure the junk in my dining room/studio and having to deal with the moving of furniture, paint, junk, glue guns, fabric, etc...the lists goes on and on...without family and best friends you are nothing....

so thats my story in a very condensed version...i created this blog to show tutorials of the things i do...i also have a facebook page that you can find over at Creating Love & Joy and i would love for you to follow me in my adventures! i also love, love, love, all of the wonderful comments that everyone has left for me...i promise that i read every single one of them...

Peace, Love, & Joy