Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Don't try this at home

Awhile back I was wandering through Home Depot and came across an endcap of clearance items...One of the items was a box of liquid stainless steel paint...My mind started ticking...Since I had a white refrigerator and all black appliances, I figured I could throw a little paint on it and everything would match just fine...I had researched several ways of painting appliances but this was not one of them...It seemed perfect for me!!
I think this was on an infomercial
 I had also found a site that sold sheets of "faux" stainless steel sheets...This stuff is all over the web...It seemed like a good idea but I felt like I might mess it up...Like I wouldn't mess up the paint...LOL
So, with much anticipation, I got to work...I did everything that the instructions said...Don't try this at home...If there is one thing that I will never do again, this was it...If i learned a lesson in life...This was it...I lived with this for a few years...Hoping my frig would break so I could just get a new one...It never happened and a new project took place...
Husband said this is the ugliest thing he ever saw
This picture is from when I was in the middle of stripping this mess off! What a job...Like I said, lesson learned...Next time I'll keep the white...
Here is my finished project....I used oil based primer and paint on the metal parts...On the plastic pieces like the handles, Krylon plastic spray paint...I did make a mistake on the handles...The day that I painted them I also put them back on...This was last summer and I was not vary familiar with how paint cures...I'm not sure about the plastic but on a regular piece of furniture it takes about 28 days...I had to take the handles off and re-do them...It was a mess...I think from greasy hands touching it...I used a little sand paper to scuff it up a little...I then painted a coat every couple of days until I had the coverage I wanted..So far its holding up much better...The only thing I hate about this is the little bit of white that is showing where you get water and ice out...I'm sure I could try it but with so many hands touching the buttons I just didn't think it would hold up...I can live with it....This picture is not that great but I've had alot of great feedback on how it looks...Now I hope my frig doesn't go out...

Peace, Love, & Joy