Saturday, January 14, 2012

Update On Yard Sale Chair

back during the summer i bought a chair at a yard sale for $ can read about it Here ...everybody hated it and complained that i bought the ugliest chair in i have it sitting in my living room...its become quite the chosen "one" to sit husband has pulled it over by "his" fireplace...also another family member has made it his favorite place to sit too...

Tom the his favorite position
i can't understand why they love it so much...we have nice leather recliners to sit in but they always chose the old beat up kids friends come over and someone always sits in the chair..then they ask why their butt sinks down to the bottom...the reply they get is, my mom redid that chair and you might fall through..haha very funny...believe me, i have enough old tshirts and other junk stuffed in there that nobody should fall through it...LOL

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