Monday, December 19, 2011

Faux Mantel

i've had a lot going on...working on so many things...this project means so much to me...i have learned alot about measuring, cutting, and using power tools...for several months i have researched faux mantles and how to build them...for me the challenge was to use what i had on hand...i didn't want to spend a dime on this project...i did fail at that part...but for the money i spent i'm very happy with the outcome...

the "fantle"
i started documenting the process with pictures when i first started...since i had a little bit of a struggle with this project, i decided to not take pics for this inspiration came from Vintage Revivals and from Heart Break Kids. you can click on the link to see how they made theirs...i had 2 sets of bifold doors in my barn..i never started with a certain measurement...i knew i wanted my mantle to be a little taller than some of the ones i had seen online...i cut my doors so that the longest portion was the part i was using...i wanted solid ones but you know me, i had to use what i had...the hardest part of this whole project was to decide if i wanted it to be flush with the wall or to sit out a little bit...i chose for it to sit out...the reason for this is because i didn't attach it to the wall at all...i can move it around if i want to put in on another wall...i cut 2 pieces of wood the same length as the doors...i attached them together with "L" husband was shocked that i knew what that was...for real, i have internet...the piece of wood in the center is a scrap from an old shelf...i attached it between both doors...the closet doors were painted black...i put on a coat of white paint...i didn't feel it...i then distressed...more my style i think...for the top, i had to spend money...ugh..i had a piece of wood that was the right length, but, it wasn't wide enough for my liking...i wanted to be able to decorate...i had a few things that i knew might not fit with a narrow piece on there...i spent $9.72 for the top...i then stained it with a very dark mahogany mixed with some dark looks almost black...the look that i wanted since i have lots of black furniture...i am not totally finished yet...i have a few other things i want to do but i did manage to get it done in time to hang some stockings...that was my goal...after christmas i will be working on it some more...

i wanted to add this...this room is my living was once a car port...i had a wall put up to enclose it...the floor is raised up with a hard wood floor on top...we think that cold air gets trapped in that space in between...on very cold days its hard to heat the room...i bought the little heater just for this project...we really like the way it has 2 settings that are for heat and just for the light...its really cute...looks like a  burning fire!

thanks for taking the time to read about this project that i waited so long to get completed...i feel like i truly accomplished something this time...

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Megan said...

Wow, it looks amazing!! You did a terrific job, I'm super impressed :) I love busting out and using the power tools too! Merry Christmas!