Monday, November 21, 2011

Pillow #2

once i get started sewing, i don't want to stop..ideas are flooding my many ideas and not enough time!! i had another shirt to yard sale but decided to use it for my next pillow...i cut up the shirt...made some flowers out of it...sewed the G onto the fabric and stuffed...this one ended up being a little skinnier than the other one...the stuffing was different and it made it kinda lumpy so i took some out...

i would love to have comments on both of my pillows...if you like them let me know...

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Peggy said...

Hi Ashley! I have awarded you a Liebster award - please see my post from today @

Sew Passionate said...

Recognized the "G"...I have a HUGE Georgia Bulldog fan in my house!!! I may just have to make him his own "G" pillow. Thanks for sharing. Jules