Monday, August 8, 2011

Antique Lantern

yesterday i was rambling through my parents barn...they have a bunch of junk that can't seem to throw out...i saw this old lantern and passed it by...but, the more i thought about it, i figured i could do something with it...i was thinking about painting it but i still haven't decided what accent colors i'm using in my dining i left it a nice rust color...LOL...

it has a bent handle...the inside part where you light it is broke...i tried bending all those pieces back into least i can say no one has one like mine!
i took some sisal twine and wrapped around 2 parts...i hot glued it in the back...i took this starfish thing (that says made in philippines on the back) and twirled some twine around the  middle, glued it in the center...seriously... its fake...i bought it in panama city beach for $1.00 at the everything is a dollar store back in june....i hot glued it on the front of the lantern...i love projects that cost me hardly anything to make!! this is one of my favorite projects i've done...

Peace, Love, & Joy

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